196 Birch Hill Rd. Locust Valley
NY 11560 US

* Tire Flip Max
​* Shuttle Run
* Max Dips
* Max 1 min Sit-Ups
* Max Push-ups
* Long Jump


Covert Fitness Athlete Combine

* Providing Athletes with data to help them focus on Athletic Performance.
* Supplying coaches with their teams strengths and weaknesses.

Sports Combine
* 40 Yard dash
* Pull Ups
* Bar Hangs
* Max Bench reps 185
* Vertical Jump
​* Sled Push !

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Registration opens June 5th!!!

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Fitness Athletic Combine Sports Performance

covert fitness

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This Combine is designed to help Male

and Female Student Athletes benchmark their speed and strength in relation to

their peers.  The Combine arms them with the valuable data they need to take action to improve Athletic Performance!

* Provide College Coaches with third party Athletic data,  (released by the athletes request).

Lead sponsor Covert Fitness


Fitness Athletic Combine &

Sports Performance Tips and Training!

 **  TheNext Athlete Combine is July 30th in Bayville NY on the Town of Oyster Bay/Oak Neck Turf Field! 4pm staggered start times by age group! **

Collecting Athletes Data to Improve Athletic performance!